Fares and Fee Policy

Fares are milage based, calculated as per the structure defined in the National Taxi Fare Schedule found in the Traffic (Public Passenger Vehicles) Regulations

Cancellation Fee

  • If the passenger decides to cancel the order 2 or more minutes after the taxi driver has accepted the transportation services’ request, the passenger will be charged a KYD$5.60 Cancellation Fee*.
  • If the passenger does not arrive within 5 minutes of the Taxi driver’s arrival, and the taxi driver cancels your order, the passenger will be charged a KYD$5.60 Cancellation Fee.

Damage or Cleaning Fee

If during your Journey, a passenger causes damage to, or causes any part of the Driver’s vehicle to be soiled or dirtied in any way, the Driver may report this to us. Once verified by us, we reserve the right to facilitate payment for the reasonable cost of such repair or cleaning on behalf of that Driver.


* Exceptions apply, e.g. cancelation fee will not be charged if a driver has not moved towards the pickup point

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